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Fearless Female Book!

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Lipstick Stun Gun, 3 Million Volts  and Rechargeable - No Batteries!

Only $29.99 ​with 2.95 shipping in USA.   Black or Pink

One-Hour Safety Seminar, Hands-On, for up to 14 women at your location!  (Pittsburgh PA area).........$350.00

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​Personal Shriek Alarm! ...LOUD!

Great for kids, seniors, all ages.

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Wildfire "Cherry Red"

Pepper Spray, 18%

Law Enforcement Strength with Identifying Dye, High-Potency


The Wildfire product is Hot, Hot, Hot!  More importantly, it is the fastest reacting spray tested.  It immediately permeates the pores of the skin, closes the eyes, and inhibits the respiratory system, temporarily disabling an attacker.  Legal to carry.  Consult directions for proper use.    Click button below to order!

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